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預代數 (時限:35分鐘)
1. Which of the following is a factor of 60?
2. Which number is both a perfect square and a perfect cube number?
3. Judy’s heart beats 70 times a minute. At this rate, how many times does her heart beat in an hour?
4. If 9 is P percent of 17, then P is a number between which two number?
5. A basketball team won 10 games and lost 15. What is the ratio of wins to the total number of games?
6. 4(x+6)+2(3x–5)=
7. Which of the following is the prime factorization of 510?
8. Once simplified, which expression is not equivalent to the other three expressions?
9. Find the solution to the following equation 5(2a - 3) = 13a - 3(a - 5)
10. 2 extra large chocolate shakes contain 85 ounces of ice cream. How many ounces of ice cream are there in 12 extra large chocolate shakes?
11. If the area of the square is 25, what is the side of the square?
12. Find the slope of the line that passes through the points (-1, -2) and (-9, -2).
13. If m∠1 = 61°, m∠2 = 29°, m∠3 = 151°, and m∠4 = 29°, which statement could be true?
14. Which side length do not form a right triangle?


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