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幾何學 (時間限制:35  分鐘)
1. Identify the following property, GH = MN and MN = OP, so GH = OP
2. Find, to the nearest tenth, the area of the region that is inside the square is a circle. find the area of the circle if the side of the square is 14 inches.
3. What is the equation of a line parallel to y = 7x − 8 that passes through (5,−2)?
What is the equation of a line perpendicular to y = −3x + 4 that passes through (−1,6)?
5. The measure of the supplement of an angle is one fourth the measure of the angle. What is the measure of the angle
6. Identify the following property, m∠1 = 134° and m∠2 = 134°, so m∠1 = m∠2
7. When a conditional and its converse are true, you can combine them as a true ____
8. A kite has diagonals 9.2 ft and 8 ft. What is the area of the kite?
9. A model is built having a scale of 1 : 100,000. How high would a 35,600-ft mountain be in the model? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of an inch.
10. Donald is flying a kite on the beach. The string forms a 45° angle with the ground. If he has let out 16 meters of line, how high above the ground is the kite?
11. The widths of two similar rectangles are 16 cm and 14 cm. What is the ratio of the perimeters?
12. What is the measure of each exterior angle of a regular 12-gon?
13. Determine the midpoint of a line segment with given endpoints(−10,−1) and (0, 4).
14. Jerome is flying a kite on the beach. The kite is attached to a 100-foot string and is flying 45 feet above the ground. Find the measure of the angle formed by the string and the ground.
15. What is the converse of the following statement? If Gerald goes swimming, then he will wear his red swimsuit.


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